Sunday, January 20, 2008


WELCOME to my first blog entry! after many urgings, i've finally gotten around to it . . . i'll try to post when i feel the need or have exciting news! websites, myspace, blogs . . . what else can i conform to!

First UP : UNITY STAMP COMPANY . . . some of you may know about this and some may not! I was selected as an official "stamp artist" for this new wonderful stamp company! go check out their blog for the unveiling of their new product!!! Now that Angela at USC is wrapping up on our first catalog of designs (and freaking out about the CHA that's coming up soon! GO ANGELA!!) i'm finally moving onto my "other" backed up side projects . . . sorry everyone! This "designing of stamps" became addicting and i would LOVE to do this all day long! I only wish i could've had more time to commit to angela . . . hopefully there will be a fall catalog!

Wedding season is officially HERE!! I had 5 consultations alone in the past 9 days . . . argh! I'm needing to clone myself:) AND graduation announcements are coming up fast too - is it spring yet?? my design life is telling me it'll be approaching quickly . . . I start to panic when i think too far ahead . . .

I TRY to get some "me" time in on the wknds (weather it be 1/2 hour or an hour) and work on one of my many other interests that doesn't require a computer (few and far between) . . . a few wknds ago i tried these FUN, FUN, soldered necklaces . . . thinking about offering them soon at Little Fish Designs - you send me the images and i do the rest - my head is reeling with all the fun things i could do! i'm doing a heritage necklace next . . . what a great keepsake! too bad i don't have any girls:)

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Joann said...

I have 3 girls!!!
I will check out the stamps ASAP.
Let me know if you need any little girl models for anything!

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