Friday, July 25, 2008


Can you say WOW?

Kevin and I celebrated our
9 YEAR anniversary yesterday!!!!

Aren't we in great anniversary attire??? that's how we do it in this family:)

Check out how i layer my custom necklaces - a 1"x 2" with a 1"x 1"

The best grandma ever came up yesterday afternoon to watch the boys so we could get out on our big date night . . . . we jumped on the old "rat bike" (kevin's first panhead) which has no foot pegs - i have to wrap my legs around kevin like i'm sitting cross-legged - ULTRA comfortable:) We then rode out to Cpt Jack's on Prior Lake, has a great dinner then proceeded to just stop for "one" at Major's in AV which ended the night later than expected - isn't that what always happens??? run into friends, they twist your arm to stay etc . . .

thankfully, grandma let us sleep in . . .

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Jill said...

Happy Anniversary. Glad you had a fun night.

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